Explained: Why We Cannot Do “Corrections”

“I had initial appointment with another artist, can I book a Touch-Up with you?”

We get this question so often at The Beauty Attic, and the answer is – No, we can’t do Touch-Ups or Corrections for clients who did not see us for their first appointment. We understand it is frustrating if you don’t get the results you want right away, especially when you paid a lot of money for the service! We are here to give you some advice to save you time and money if this has happened to you!

Our biggest piece of advice is to first, speak to your artist. The artist who performed the initial microblading service may not have got it right at the initial service. If there are a few places where pigment lines did not heal perfectly, that is what the touch-up is for! Your initial artist should make notes at the initial appointment about your skin. These notes will help them make corrections that last at the touch-up.

Trust the process!

Now, you might have bigger issues than some lines that didn’t heal well. Perhaps communication broke down, or perhaps the brow style did not turn out as you planned. What now? Still, you should not shop around for another artist (at least, not yet)! Speak to your initial artist before booking the touch-up appointment. Tell them what you like, and what you don’t. Show them some photos of what you intended your brows to look like. Your artist will be able to spend extra time at the touch-up to add lines and make corrections to the shape and colour. With the notes they have on file and their experience with your skin, your initial microblading artist is best-equipped to make the corrections. Corrective services will cost way more than a touch-up and you will likely need to return for a touch-up after a correction too. Don’t waste your time and hard-earned money! Speak to your artist first!

So, you have taken our advice, but you still are not happy. What now?

As a semi-permanent service, microblading should fade completely after 18-24 months. This timeframe is smaller with a faster metabolism, oily skin, or when hormones change radically (pregnancy). At our salon, we can usually accept a customer with old work around 12-14 months after their last microblading session. If you can be patient, it is best to wait!

Corrective services are risky because the pigments may heal with unintended results if there is old pigment underneath which is still too bold. Performing corrective microblading services too often can cause the pigments to go too deep into the skin, or the pigments will “bleed” and become blotchy. There is also risk of scarring. Laser tattoo removals can help, but they will cost thousands! We strongly recommend to simply wait it out until the pigment is light enough for us to work with! That is why we always require photos of anyone with old work (no matter how old) before we accept a deposit to book a microblading appointment. The Beauty Attic stands behind its artists and their work! We cannot do that if we are working over old pigments because we cannot know what to expect when results heal. This is why we never offer corrective services, and we ask our new customers to wait until their brows are ready.

We hope you found this blog post useful! If you have old work and aren’t sure what to do, you can contact us with a photo of your brows.

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