Lash Lift, Tint, And Lash Botox + Ceramide

Image of a Lash Lift treatment at The Beauty Attic

Throw away the cheap, fake lash extensions. The next generation of lashes is here!

Both lash extensions and lash lifting will make your lashes longer and fuller, but the procedure and results are very different! Here, we will talk about all the reasons you should ditch those fake lash extensions in favour of natural lash lift & tint, as well as the benefits of adding lash botox and ceramide concentrate to your lash lift!

Lash lift is a treatment for your natural lashes that gives them a lifted, curled look using soft chemicals. The effect is similar to what a lash curler would do except this lasts up to 8 weeks! Lash tinting is a similar process using solutions to dye the eyelashes, giving them deeper and fuller color (like a semi-permanent mascara). Both chemical lifting and tinting procedures are safe for your lashes and can be redone every 6-8 weeks.

Lash botox is a service in addition to the lash lift. It is a hydrolyzed keratin mask that strengthens and nourishes the natural lash with argan oil, proteins, keratin and vitamins. The nourishing fills the natural lash with keratin making your natural lashes thicker, fuller and longer… for longer! Our ceramide concentrate soothes the lashes and the skin around it, while locking in moisture for maximum long-term comfort.

You might be thinking, “all of these chemical solutions can’t be good for my lashes, right?” but it is the opposite! Our solutions will add vitamins to the lash hairs and give them more life. With eyelash extensions, individual artificial lashes are bonded to your natural lashes using a medical grade glue. This is no good for your lashes, especially when the extensions fall out! A lash lift will straighten out your lash hairs in a very natural way. This makes them easier to manage and apply mascara. Very few people experience any irritation with lash lifting and tinting simply because we are working with your natural lashes.

One last thing we will mention is the most practical application of enhancing your natural lashes with tint, lift, botox, and ceramide – that is time! If you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution, then lash lifts are your answer. They only require a one-hour trip to a salon around every 8 weeks. Plus, you can get them wet and you don’t need to worry about them falling out. Over time your lashes will simply drop back to their natural appearance.

In summary, the important thing to consider when choosing between any beauty services is the final look that you’re after. If you are looking for a dramatic and striking look, then lash extensions are likely the right call for you. But if you are looking to enhance your natural beauty by giving your lashes more volume and color, try our lash lift and tint services! We promise you will not be disappointed.

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