Microblading & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage of life, despite its ugly moments. Pregnancy doesn’t change the fact that women want to look their best, always. This blog will go over some things to keep in mind during pregnancy when trying to book the services you are used to!

When carrying/breastfeeding a baby, our bodies become super protective to everything and anything from outside the body. This, of course, includes germs and infections – but did you know that your immune system will also push out our pigments in your skin? That’s right! In our case, it may cause eyebrow tint or microblading ink to not retain as well. Lamination effects are also likely to not last.

There is also a higher risk of allergic reactions, and those are not limited to foods and other common allergens like pollen! Even if you have tinted your eyebrows with the same product for years, we suggest you get a patch test done before doing it for the first time after getting pregnant. The same solutions which worked for you in the past may not agree with you during or after pregnancy.

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